laidelli group collaborates with the most important companies in the north of Italy for assisting them in following on the best way customers, especially from oversea.

The company is particularly specialized in special steels forgings and rolled-rings. The product range starts from structural steels, heat and cold resistant special steels, austenitic-, martensitic- , duplex-, super duplex steel, stainless steel, nickel based to titanium, but also non-ferrous metals. Including the mechanical premachining, but if requested by the customer, even complete finishing acc. to customers drawing and specification.

The forging companies and ring-rolling mills we work with have to meet high production standards, in terms of quality and in terms of on-time delivery.

Manufacturers that do not ensure high levels of quality and on-time delivery are not taken into consideration.

The company has an completely international footprint, as the italian market is followed only in part. The turnover derived more than 95 % from foreign customers.

The laidelli group staff is multi-lingual: italian , german, and english perfectly, even on technical level.

We are at your fully disposal.


laidelli group operates in the following markets:

- components for power generation (turbines, generators, compressors, etc.)

- components for nuclear industries

- components for chemical industries

- components for pressure vessels and offshore industry

- components for paper industry

- components for ship building industry (shafts, bushes, etc.)

- components for steel industry

- components for gear construction industry (wheels, pinions, etc.)

laidelli group
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 1
25043 Breno (Brescia) Italy

Via Lorenzetti, 15

25047 Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia) Italy

Tel: +39 0364 321580
Fax: +39 0364 323266

Download this free laidelli group app available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that allows you to calculate the weight and length of your forgings and / or rolled-rings by combining different materials and different shapes.


The laidelli group staff is at your fully disposal for any information. Fill out the Form, we will contact you as soon as possible or contact us by e-mail or phone.

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